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Gunn Rita Dahle vertelt.
« Gepost op: 15 november 2007 - 20:00 »
Kreeg hier vandaag een motiverende mail van Gunn-Rita waar jullie mss iets aan hebben.  Ik weet niet of hij hier goed staat, anders hebben de mods ook weer wat werk.  Ik zou zeggen, volg haar motieven.

WEEK 46 (Monday, November 12)


The weather-gods here on the west coast of Norway have been downright energetic this last week. Violent winds and hail storms during my outdoor training stints have been most invigorating. Simply put: this is living!

Our exercise has been effective this week, and regarding November as a whole, the training has been varied and good. My bike ride on Friday afternoon lasted for close to two hours and was a true battle, fought against wild winds and stinging hail. After almost five months away from cycling, I wonít be complaining at all about the weather this winter! Itís just fantastic to feel my body alive again, with boiling adrenaline, muscles pumping, and my cheeks glowing.


After having exercised, when the warm shower is finished and one is sitting in onesí easy chair, one continues to enjoy the rush that exercise gives for many hours more. This very enjoyable feeling is important to remember for those of you who find it difficult to get out of that easy chair and get going on physical activity. Now you can join me! Iíve just started up a training program and it feels like Iím starting right back at square one.


First of all, you need to define a clear goal for yourself. Then itís important to lay solid and detailed plans for how to reach that goal. On top of this, itís necessary to have a strong willpower which wants to accomplish a lot every day. Itís certainly no excuse to say that Christmas is coming up, and that itíll be a lot easier to start up exercise after the binge season is over. Thatís nothing but rubbish!

Start today, together with me! Christmas will be at least as enjoyable with a fit body and clear mind, and one eats enough good food no matter what. I believe one will enjoy the festive season and cosy family get-togethers even more if one has a little more oomph. This is your chance. Letís do an evaluation of our progress in the autumn of 2008 J


Itís Monday evening here in our little living room at Tjensvoll, outside Stavanger. Several glowing candles provide comfort in this dark winter season. Iíve had an exercise-free day today, and as luck would have it, the sky was blue Ė the kind of day that would be fantastic for a mountain hike surrounded by autumn colours as far as the eye can see. My dream never materialized today, but theyíve promised the same kind of weather tomorrow, so then weíll be going out on our Merida bikes for two hours, which will be lovely.

Apart from that, the past weeks have been full of various activities. Weíve had a few different jobs to do for our sponsors, and a few meetings with the contractors building our new house. We actually had our final meeting with the electric company today, so after this weíre leaving the helm to our manager, Roar.

Our winter training programme and preparations for next season is under way now, so we want to use all our time and energy to focus on that. We know that the building project is in good hands and that the house is guaranteed to be a masterpiece. We wonít be moving in before the end of September next year. Itíll be a fantastic surprise to come home to a new house after the end of an exciting cycling season J

On Wednesday Iím leaving for Bardufoss in the north of Norway, so Iím really going to get a taste of King Winter there. Iíll be visiting the customers at a local Coop Mega food shop, and having a lecture for both young and old about exercise, health and nutrition. Thatíll be on Thursday afternoon, after which weíll hopefully sell lots of Merida bikes at a Sport 1 shop at the Domus shopping mall in the centre of Bardufoss. Itíll doubtlessly be an exciting and challenging day in every way.

Next week weíre both going to a Beijing gathering in Oslo to meet all the Norwegian competitors going to the Olympics in Beijing next summer. The programme for those two days will include lots for both body and mind. Next Saturday Iím flying southwards to meet up with Merida dealers in Switzerland. The headquarters are in Lugano, so weíll have two wonderful days in that beautiful city on the border to Italy.

Apart from that, weíre looking forward to some relaxed days at home, exercising and taking good care of each other. Weíll probably have a couple of trips to the cinema, and a dinner or two together with family and friends. But our main priority is to rest and then rest some more. I canít exactly rest my body into top shape again, but itís still a very important component in building up my fitness in preparation for next season.

Good luck with our ďgetting into shapeĒ project which weíve now started together. Iím convinced that this is going to be a success!

PS: Iím including some beautiful autumn pictures that you can download, from the town of Stavanger, where I live, taken by journalist and photographer Alexander Farnsworth.

Cyclistís greetings from Gunn-Rita + Kenneth
Multivan Merida Biking Team
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